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Bistro Bird Feeders

Hang out with the birds at the Bistro Bird Feeder - a lunch spot for birds. Designed for those who want a modern, colorful, and gorgeous tube bird feeder that will attract birds and looks beautiful in the backyard, on the terrace or patio. Easy to use, durable, squirrel proof, and available in six glossy colors.

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Put your money into a nest egg by dropping coins and stuffing bills into the Egg Bank. Handcrafted in durable stoneware and available in Bright White, Bronze, and Matte Metallic Black.

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One of Fortune Magazine's 25 Best Products of 2004, birds love the Egg Bird Feeder and so will you. Handcrafted stoneware Egg Bird Feeders attract many types of wild birds and the elegant design is a perfect addition to any outdoor environment. Easy to use, durable, grey squirrel proof, and available in seven glossy colors.

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Give birds a place to hatch their young with the colorful and durable handcrafted stoneware Egg Bird House. The 1 1/8" diameter entry hole will attract chickadees, wrens, and smaller birds, keeping house sparrows out. Available in seven glossy colors.

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Lie in bed and gaze at a ceiling full of stars with the Star Egg Nightlight. Light projected through tiny openings on the stoneware egg's surface creates a dream-like environment that is perfect for bedtime (children and adults alike). Available in seven glossy colors with a stainless steel nightlight base.

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Hummingbird Feeders

J Schatz Hummingbird Feeders are what design enthusiasts and hummingbird lovers have been waiting for: a modern, colorful, and gorgeous feeder that attracts hummingbirds and looks beautiful in the backyard. Available in six brilliant colors featuring a stamen in a complementary color – ensuring your hummingbirds find the food source.

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Mobile Bird Feeders

Dip, spin and thrill the birds with the Mobile Bird Feeder. Fine art meets function in this innovative design that will awaken your appreciation for beauty, science and nature. Handcrafted in stoneware with aluminum balancing ring and perches. Available in seven glossy colors.

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Watch the birds hatch their young with the pole-mounted handcrafted stoneware Nut Bird House. The 1 1/2" diameter entry hole will attract many wild birds including bluebirds, chickadees, titmice and nuthatches. Available in six glossy colors.

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Working from our studio in upstate New York, Jim and the team take inspired ideas and create ceramic ware that is molded, pierced, scratched, carved, drilled, glazed and fired into beautifully finished products. Each J Schatz product leaves our studio wonder-certified - created to inspire a lifetime of happiness. We ship each product direct to you complete with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Enjoy a moment of wonder today. Free Ground Shipping on all orders shipped within the continental U.S.

J Schatz - Made In New York, Wonder-Certified
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