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October 12, 2014

Jim Schatz
J Schatz


LOS ANGELES, CA — J Schatz introduces four new product lines for 2014: Brutal Drip Coffeemakers, Formations Wall Tiles, Hangers and Pulls, Sea Sponges, and Vessels. The collection also includes Ridge Nesting Bowl Sets in seven new colors.

New 2014 Collection
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Brutal Drip Coffeemakers
Beautifully rustic and caste from a durable speckled stoneware that is finished in a soft metallic black glaze, the Brutal Drip Coffeemaker will make you want to jump out of bed and get the day started. Easy to pour and use with a paper filter and fresh ground coffee. Comes complete with coffeemaker, filter holder, 1/2 pound of coffee and 20 filters.
CAPACITY: Brutal Coffeemaker 24 ounces, Brutal Mug 12 ounces. DIMENSIONS: Coffeemaker 5” Wide x 8 1/4” Tall, Mug 3” Wide x 3 3/4” Tall, Filter Holder 5 3/4” Wide x 4” Tall. PRICE: Brutal Drip Coffeemaker $195, Brutal Mug $45.

Formations Wall Tiles, Wall Tile Sets, Hangers and Pulls
Inspired by the seaside rock formations along the California coast, this collection of wall tiles, hangers and pulls is a perfect way to accessorize your home, office or commercial venue. Easy to use, beautiful, and available in 4 tile sizes, 28 shapes and 13 finishes.

Formations Wall Tiles
Formation Tiles can be arranged to create a stunning interior decor. Available in thirteen colors and platinum, four sizes and twenty-eight formation shape possibilities. They include planter pockets that enable you to grow plants on your wall.
PRICE & DIMENSIONS: Small Formation Tiles (2 1/4” x 2 1/4”): $30, Blank $15, Medium Formation Tiles (3” x 3”): $40, Blank $20, Large Formation Tiles (4” x 4”): $50, Blank $25, Extra Large Formation Tiles (6” x 6”): $60, Blank $30.
PLATINUM PRICE: Small Formation Tiles: $40, Blank $20, Medium Formation Tiles: $50, Blank $25, Large Formation Tiles: $60, Blank $30, Extra Large Formation Tiles: $70, Blank $35.
COLOR: Available in 13 finishes: Bright White, Fire Orange, Ginger, Harvest Yellow, Light Aqua , Metallic Black, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Pink, Platinum, Plum, Sumac Red, and Walnut Brown.

Formations Wall Tile Sets
Formation tiles are also sold in sets that can be used as hangers or storage holders. They permanently attach to the wall with a tape-locking back. Perfect for the office, kitchen, bedroom, or playroom. Select from four ready to use sets.
PRICE: Platinum Formation Tile 3 Piece Set (1 Extra Large Tile, 1 Medium Tile, 1 Small Tile):$150, Metallic Formation Tile 3 Piece Set (1 Large Tile, 1 Medium Tile, 1 Small Tile): $120, White Formation Tile 4 Piece Set (2 Large Tiles with Pockets, 2 Small Tiles with Formations): $180, Colorful Formation 5 Piece Tile Set (2 Large Tiles, 2 Medium Tiles, 1 Small Tile): $210.
COLOR: Available in 13 finishes: Bright White, Fire Orange, Ginger, Harvest Yellow, Light Aqua , Metallic Black, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Pink, Platinum, Plum, Sumac Red, and Walnut Brown.

Formations Hangers and Pulls
Formations are also available as hangers or pulls. Hanger formations simply screw into a wall with a screw back and anchor. Furniture and cabinet pulls ship ready to install. Formation pockets are available for use as a wall vase or storage holder.
PRICE & DIMENSIONS: $30 Each for Formations (1”-3” Wide x 1"-3" Tall), + $5 for Platinum, Set of 3 for $90, + $10 for Platinum, Set of 5 for $150, + $15 for Platinum, $65 Each for Pockets (3 1/2” H x 3 1/2 - 5” W), + $10 for Platinum.
COLOR: Available in 13 finishes: Bright White, Fire Orange, Ginger, Harvest Yellow, Light Aqua , Metallic Black, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Pink, Platinum, Plum, Sumac Red, and Walnut Brown.

Sea Sponges
Sea Sponges are sculptures that are created by dipping real sea sponges in porcelain or stoneware slip and then firing away the sponge. Stoneware Sea Sponges are then glazed in platinum and fired again for a wonderful glossy finish. Porcelain Sea Sponges are fired once to a subtle matte finish and are slightly translucent.
PRICE & DIMENSIONS: $225, (6"-8" Wide x 6"-10" Tall).

Sinuous curves and a rich glossy interior glaze define these vessels and make for an elegant and earthy addition to the home. The exterior speckled stoneware surface is unglazed and defined by subtle clay slip casting traces. No two vessels are alike.
PRICE & DIMENSIONS: Small Vessel (5 1/2" Wide x 9" Tall) $175, Medium Vessel (6 1/2" Wide x 10" Tall) $195, Large Vessel (8" Wide x 11" Tall) $225.
COLOR: Each size available in nine glossy interior colors: Bright White, Fire Orange, Light Aqua, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, Pink, Plum, Sumac Red, and Walnut Brown.

Ridge Nesting Bowl Sets
Our Ridge Nesting Bowls are now available in seven glossy color sets. The beautifully finished stoneware bowls are perfect for everyday use - cooking or serving or simply on display. The Ridge Nesting Bowl Collection is food safe and makes any occasion festive.
PRICE: $360 for a set of three bowls (Small, Medium, and Large). DIMENSIONS: Small Bowl (5 1/2" Diameter x 2 1/8" - 3" Tall, 1 Pint Capacity), Medium Bowl (7 1/2" Diameter, 2 3/4" - 3 3/4" Tall, 1 Quart Capacity), Large Bowl (9 1/2" Diameter, 3 3/4" - 5" Tall, 2 Quart Capacity).
COLOR: Available in seven glossy colors: Bittersweet Orange, Bright White, Goldenrod Yellow, Light Aqua, Midnight Blue, Moss Green, and Sumac Red.

Handcrafted Stoneware now made in California
J Schatz products are now handmade exclusively in our Los Angeles studio employing local artists and using energy-saving production methods. Each product leaves our studio beautifully finished, complete with a wonder-certified™ 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information please email,visit, or Call Toll Free 1-866-344-5267, 323-406-2646 International. Download Print Quality Photos.

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