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Sinuous curves and a rich glossy interior glaze define these vessels and make for an elegant and earthy addition to the home.

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Sea Sponges

Sea Sponges are sculptures that we create by first dipping real sea sponges in porcelain or stoneware slip. After a thorough drying period, we carefully fire away the sponge.

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Inspired by the seaside rock formations along the California Coast, this collection of Platinum and Bright White Wall Tiles, Wall Tile Sets, Hangers & Pulls, Pockets and Mirror Holder Sets is a perfect way to accessorize your home, office, or commercial venue. Easy to use and beautiful.

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Happening Curtains

Happening Curtains are the perfect decorative accent piece for your home, office, or studio. Each handcrafted curtain is elegantly hung from stainless steel cables and availalbe in three distinct styles. Customize one to fit your space today.

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Buff Humpty

Fall for a new legend. Created for the young at heart, Buff Humpty turns the legendary fairy tale on its head. Buff Humpty is a glossy, bright white glazed ceramic sculpture that sits securely atop a frosted plexiglass stand that can be illuminated at night.

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Egg Banks

Put your money into a nest egg by dropping coins and stuffing bills into the Egg Bank. Handcrafted in durable stoneware and available in Bright White, Bronze, and Matte Metallic Black.

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Poodle Butts

Unleash your home decor with one of our best in show Poodle Butts: Luscious, Snowflake, Malibu and Cocoa. Inspired by the happy, attentive and loyal poodle, these handcrafted sculptures are designed for those who take a more whimsical approach to home decor.

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