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Sea Sponges

Give your host a gift they will treasure. Sea Sponges are sculptures that we create by first dipping real sea sponges in porcelain or stoneware slip. After a thorough drying period, we carefully fire away the sponge.

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Sinuous curves and a rich glossy interior glaze define these vessels and make for an elegant and earthy addition to any home.

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Egg Banks

Egg Banks are perfect for the entryway. Your host will love dropping coins and stuffing bills into the Egg Bank. Handcrafted in durable stoneware and available in Bright White, Bronze, and Matte Metallic Black.

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Ridge Nesting Bowls

Ridge Nesting Bowls make any occasion festive with our. The beautifully finished stoneware bowls are perfect for everyday use - cooking or serving or simply on display. Sold separately or as a complete nesting set and available in Gold, Satin Black, Satin Black with Light Aqua, Moss Green or Sumac Red Interior, and Satin White.

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Ridge Nesting Bowl Sets

Ridge Nesting Bowls are also available in seven glossy color sets.

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