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Buff Humpty Brute Pendants Cilindro Pendants Star Egg Nightlights

Cilindro Pendants

Glossy ceramic Cilindro Pendants are created with a random assortment of holes that emit playful fragments of light from the side and a direct downward light from an elegantly curved bottom. Available in seven bright colors.

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Brute Pendants

Create a stunning light filled environment with our Brute Pendants. Each pendant is unique and beautifully finished in our lava, metallic, and rust glazes. Select from Rust Red, Slate Grey Lava, Kelp Green Lava, and Burnished Metallic Black.

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Star Egg Nightlights

Lie in bed and gaze at a ceiling full of stars with the Star Egg Nightlight. Light projected through tiny openings on the stoneware egg's surface creates a dream-like environment that is perfect for bedtime (children and adults alike). Available in seven glossy colors with a stainless steel nightlight base.

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Buff Humpty

Created for the young at heart, Buff Humpty turns the legendary fairy tale on its head. Buff Humpty is a glossy, bright white glazed ceramic sculpture that sits securely atop a frosted plexiglass stand that can be illuminated at night - a whimsical companion during the day and throughout the night.

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